Linoleum Impressed Clay Boxes


Lino_Clay.pdf - Linoleum & Clay Presentation PDF

Lino_Clay.ppt  - Linoleum & Clay Power Point Presentation

Lino_Clay_Lesson.pdf  -  Lesson Plan PDF

Easy-Cut Linoleum can be used to impress clay slabs with texture & pattern - and acts as a template, so slabs are a consistent size and/or fit together easily when constructing a box or vase.

The blocks can be pre-cut by the teacher or carved by older students when proper safety procedures are given.

Picasso Inspired Block Print Portraits & Slab-Built Vases

Picasso Inspired Self-Portraits in 2 & 3 dimensions. Use Easy-Cut Linoleum with Middle and High School students to create block prints and a Picasso-Inspired Ceramic vase or tile.

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